Izakaya Kitchen Staff Part Time Job at Takasaki Station 高崎駅 Gunma, 1,080円~1,200円

Kitchen staff
Helping in kitchen, cleaning dishes and preparing menu etc.
3 minutes walk from Takasaki Station 高崎駅から徒歩3分
10:30-15:00 16-24:00 11:30-14:00 17-23:00 (Shift System)
Minimum 4 hours a day and 2 days a week



¥ 1,080円~1,200円 per hour

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Izakaya Hall Staff Part Time Job at Takasaki Station 高崎駅 Gunma, 1,080円~1,200円

Hall Staff
Order inquiries, customer service and serving dishes etc.
2 minutes walk from Takasaki Station 高崎駅から徒歩2分
10:30-24:00 11:30-23:00 (Shift System)
Minimum 4 hours a day and 2 days a week



¥ 1,080円~1,200円 per hour

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Gunma is in the northwest part of the Kanto region. It’s a beautiful prefecture in the mid of the mountains having diverse landscapes with hot springs, forests, and hills, offering multiple spots for recreational activities.

The prefecture has rich cultural and historical sites, drawing visitors from around the world and creating hundreds of common part-time jobs in Japan, of bed making, waiter, food delivery, and salesperson.

Along with the Tourism sector, the region has a strong base in the Automotive and Pharmaceutical industry; famous automotive companies like Subaru, Honda, and Isuzu are located here, thus, creating numerous part-time jobs in the assembly line, packaging, and sorting sectors.

Part-time Jobs in Gunma Japan

Gunma is a favorite tourist destination for people looking for an escape from the bustling life of big metropolitans and wants to enjoy tranquility in nature and experience the real Japanese culture. Here are the few big cities of Gunma and part-time jobs in them:


The city is the capital of Gunma and serves as the economic, political, and cultural hub of the region. The city’s economy is driven by the hospitality and tourism sectors, along with the Metalwork industry and food processing.

Maebashi has the historical ruin of Maebashi Castle and the famous Gunma Prefectural Museum of History, along with bustling shopping centers and colorful festivals that attract visitors. If you are a foreigner and looking for a part-time job in Japan for English speakers, then working as a tour guide, restaurant server, hall staff, and event support is a good option.

There are also multiple part-time jobs in Japan for students of sorting and packaging available in the food processing industry.


Takasaki is the second-largest city situated in the southern part of Gunma. The place is famous for Daruma dolls and its rich cultural heritage. People come here to experience the true Japanese culture; Takasaki City Museum and Takasaki Castle Park is the central point of attraction in this regard.

There are multiple part-time job openings for students and foreigners, especially if one has an N3(conversational) level of Japanese, then he/she can make a good amount of money working in traditional inns, hotels, and restaurants. The city also holds multiple cultural festivals and events throughout the year, generating several part-time jobs for event staff as well.

Along with the cultural display, the city is also famous for Automotive, Aerospace, and pharmaceuticals, creating a great many jobs in the assembly line and packaging sorting sector.


Kiryu is also known as the "City of Textiles.” The city of Kiryu is surrounded by mountains and is renowned for its scenic beauty and hot springs, offering amazing opportunities for mountain sports. It has an old tradition of silk production and weaving, and most of its economy depends on the textile-related business, which generates thousands of part-time jobs in the sorting and packaging, and retail sectors.

As the city is famous for high-quality fabric production, there’s a great demand for salespersons in shopping centers and boutiques to cater large influx of visitors.


Isesaki is famous for its sparkling textile industry and the “Annual Summer Fireworks Festival.” The city’s economy is thrived by the retail, fashion, and tourism industries creating plenty of job opportunities in the warehouse, logistics, hotels, and restaurants.

The city has Isesaki Textile Center, a space specifically dedicated to showcasing the history and craftsmanship of weavers. Moreover, the city also holds large shopping districts and boutiques. One can easily get a job as a salesperson, shelf restocker, or customer assistant. There are plenty of sorting and packaging jobs are also available.


Ota is situated in the southeast of the Gunma region and is famous for its automobile and aircraft manufacturing. The city’s economy depends on the manufacturing sector along with the tourism industry. Ota has Ashikaga Flower Park, known for its wisteria flowers display in spring.

There are numerous part-time jobs available in assembly line, quality assurance, and machine operation, and if you don’t possess these skills, there are also several jobs in the sorting and packaging sector is also available.

If you are a student or foreigner looking for a part-time job, then working as hall staff, kitchen staff, or cleaning staff is also a good option.

Minimum Per-hour wage of Part-time jobs in Gunma, Japan.

Gunma offers ¥895 Per hour, which is low compared to big metropolitans like Tokyo and Osaka. But here the cost of living is also lower than in these big cities. Here the rent, housing, and groceries are relatively cheaper, and one can easily afford to live here in the low-income bracket. But the cost of living also depends upon rural and urban areas; the cost of transportation and daily expense is less in rural areas. If you do an online part-time job in Japan and are in search of an inexpensive living option, then getting a house in some rural area of Gunma, close to nature, would be a good option.