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Hyogo is situated in the Kansai region of Honshu Island. The prefecture has diverse economic landscapes, with its automobile, steel, and chemical industries. Along with this, it has a large tourism sector because of its vibrant culture, historical castles, natural landscape, and traditional food that generates hundreds of part-time jobs in Japan.

Hyogo offers various part-time jobs in Japan in multiple industries like retail and hospitality, restaurants and cafes, and manufacturing and assembly sectors; whether you speak Japanese or not, you can easily land a part-time job here.

Part-time jobs in Hyogo Japan

If you are looking for a part-time job quickly, then visit stations that have most job listings like, the area around Kobe-Sannomiya Statio, Himeji Station, and Nishinomiya-Kitaguchi Station are the perfect amalgam of Commercial and Residential along with multiple universities like Kobe University, University of Hyogo, Himeji Dokkyo University. Kwansei Gakuin University, Mukogawa Women's University. These areas are major commercial hubs with multiple shopping centers and entertainment avenues. There are several part-time jobs for students available in retail food service and hospitality. And if you are looking for part-time job sorting and packing the Amagaski station is a good option due to its proximity to the industrial zone.

The Himeji Station and Akashi Stations are famous due to their proximity to Himeji Castle, Akashi Castle, and the seaside. Both these stations receive a large influx of tourists throughout the year. Along with the retail and food industry, one can find a part-time job as a tourist guide and hotel staff here.

Ashiya station is situated in a very posh area with top-notch boutiques, Hotels, and dining options. The people that come here usually belong to the elite class and here the per hour is usually high.

The part-time jobs in Hyogo are mostly of kitchen staff, and hall staff like serving food and cleaning. Here the jobs of sales associates and cashiers are also very popular in departmental stores and clothing shops. If you love traveling and talking to people then opting for a tourist guide would be a great option. Along with these, there are several part-time jobs in the Nursing and caregiving sector. There are also a number of tutoring jobs available.

Moreover, the part-time Hyogo welcomes inexperienced people with flexible working hours and in some cases transportation allowance. So if you want to make some extra money and have a few extra hours then finding a part-time job is a great option.

Hyogo offers all common part-time jobs in Japan in all its cities. Let’s explore major cities in Japan and find which part-time job is for you:


Kobe is the capital of Hyogo and a key attraction for people coming from around the world because of part-time job opportunities and the beautiful landscape. Kobe has an international seaport that contributes to a large number of part-time jobs in the logistics and transportation industry. Moreover, it’s a hub of heavy and electrical industries; Kawasaki Heavy Industries, Sumitomo Electric Industries, and Mitsubishi Electric are all present here, and one can easily find sorting, packaging, and managing of consignment here.

With this, Kobe's tourism industry is also quite huge because of its scenic location of mountains and sea; people come here for hiking and to visit Arima Onsen (An ancient hot spring town). If you are looking for part-time jobs for foreigners, then you can easily get a job as a waiter or hall staff.

Kobe has large shopping districts, Sannomiya, Harborland, and Motomachi; many part-time jobs are available for students in boutiques and convenience stores.


Himeji is famous for its magnificent Himeji Castle, which draws tourists from all over the world. If you are looking for part-time in Japan for English speakers, then getting a job here in restaurants or cafes as hall staff or cleaning staff would be a good idea.

These part-time jobs in Japan for foreigners are also available in large shopping areas like Himeji Central Park and Himeji Oshiro Shotengai.


Nishinomiya is situated in the middle of Kobe and Osaka and is known for its modern architecture of residential areas. The city hosts multiple events and festivals that create numerous part-time jobs in the retail, service, and hospitality industries.

Hankyu Nishinomiya Gardens and Nishinomiya Kitaguchi Shopping Street are the home of the shopping center; here, one can easily find a part-time job as a salesperson or customer service.

If you have conversational Japanese, then you can earn good part-time working as an event staff at Nishinomiya Shrine's Arimafuji Festival. There are also multiple part-time jobs available in bars and cafes to cater to both local and international visitors.

Awaji Island

It is a small island but home to several cultural and tourist attractions. Awaji Farm Park England Hill and Awaji World Park Onokoro attract lots of tourists; it’s a great place for foreigners and English speakers to find part-time jobs in Japan.

The island has multiple ryokans (Traditional Japanese inns) and guest houses which require people for bed-making, cleaning, housekeeping, and front desk staff.

Minimum Per hour wage of Part-time job in Hyogo Japan

The minimum per-hour wage is 960 yen, but most part-time jobs pay more than that. Jobs available at the convenience store can easily pay you 1200 – 1500 yen per hour. The job of bed making also starts from 1050 yen per hour. Similarly, hall staff and cleaning staff get around 1100 yen per hour.