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Mie is located in the Kansai region of Honshu island of Japan. The Prefecture is famous for its scenic landscapes, cultural heritage, and historical shrines, large manufacturing and automotive industries.

Due to the region’s natural beauty, the government is promoting the Tourism sector, generating hundreds of part-time jobs for students and foreigners. One can find a reasonable job in hotels, restaurants, and cafes. When tourism blooms it creates several part-time job opportunities in the retail sector, there’s always a need for sales assistants or shelf stockers in shopping malls and departmental stores.

Part-time Jobs in Mie Japan

Mie has a very diverse economic landscape, the region’s economy is mostly based on manufacturing, agriculture, and now the tourism sector. As the prefecture hosts major automotive companies like Toyota, Honda, and Mitsubishi, they are always looking for individuals to work in packaging, sorting, quality assurance, and manufacturing-related tasks to boost their production. Let’s explore the part-time jobs in major cities of Mie:


Tsu is the capital of the prefecture and also the cultural center as well, with the presence of Tsu Castle, Mie Prefectural Art Museum, and the traditional Crafts Museum. The city is the center of attraction for history enthusiasts, creating numerous part-time in Japan of hall staff, cleaning, and bed making.

The city also possesses bustling shopping centers, generating part-time jobs of salespersons, cashiers, and shelf stockers in stores and boutiques. Moreover, the city also has a strong industrial base in the electronic and automotive sectors, which has many part-work opportunities in sorting and packaging services.


Yokkaichi is an industrial city and has a port that thrives on the major economic activities of the city. The city has the famous Asunarou Aquarium showcasing marine life including Dolphins and Penguins, that attracts lots of visitors. Other prominent tourist attractions are Yokkaichi Dome and Port Building Observation Deck which draw visitors that create part-time jobs for students in restaurants and cafes as waiters, kitchen staff, or hall staff.

The city is known for its Petrochemical complex that produces synthetic, resigns, and plastic generating part-time jobs in the quality-assurance, sorting, and packaging industry.


The economy of Ise majorly revolves around the agriculture and tourism sector. The city is famous for Ise Jingu, Shinto shrine complex, which draws visitors from all over Japan and creates part-time jobs in Japan for students in hotels bed making, and cleaning staff.

Oharai-machi is a bustling street of the city dotted with numerous restaurants that offer some of the best traditional Japanese food along with many souvenir shops and boutiques. One can find a reasonable part-time job here, especially if you have an N3 level of Japanese. Students and foreigners can work as cashiers, sales assistants, or cleaning staff in hotels and restaurants.


Suzuka’s part-time job industry provides opportunities in the hospitality and customer service industries. The city is famous for the Suzuka racing circuit which draws visitors not just from Japan but also from all over the world. That creates hundreds of part-time jobs in hotels, restaurants, and event staff during the racing events.

To cater to visitors city also possesses a vibrant retail sector, that requires part-time working staff to manage customers or handle cash. The retail sector constitute of boutiques, departmental stores, electronics shops, and much more. If you are looking for part-time jobs for foreigners in Japan and also possess a conversational level of Japanese, then Suzuka has much to offer you, especially in racing events season.


The city is known for high-quality beef production known as Matsusaka Wagyu. The city’s economy revolves around agriculture, livestock farming, and food processing. There are several part-time jobs as butchers and farmers are available along with jobs as a waiter, bartender, and kitchen staff.

Matsusaka Castle Ruins and History is a center of attraction for visitors that exhibits the city’s history, culture, and artistry that draws the attention of foreign visitors, thus creating plenty of part-time jobs in Japan in hotels of cleaning staff, hall staff, and bed making.


Nabari is situated in the heart of the Mie prefecture, an ideal vacation destination with multiple recreational options. The city is very close to nature and has waterfalls, ponds, and shrines. The famous Akame 48 Waterfalls and Ayameike Pond offer amazing views of nature exploration and hiking. Thousand of visitors come here every year and especially during blossom season, and to cater to them businesses hire students and foreigners as part-time workers as Tour guides and event staff to manage recreational activities.

Moreover, the flux of visitors also creates multiple part-time jobs in hotels, restaurants, and cafes from cleaning staff to service staff. There are also plenty of part-time jobs in Japan for English speakers in Nabari’s retail industry to cater to foreign visitors. Students and foreigners looking for part-time jobs should apply in some souvenir shop, boutique, or café and restaurant.

Minimum Per-hour wage of part-time jobs in Mie, Japan.

Mie offers a minimum of ¥933 per hour which is reasonable regarding the living cost of the prefecture. Rental and housing are expensive in major cities like Tsu but smaller towns are pretty affordable. The cost of utility bills is also moderate here and the prefecture is also self-sufficient in agriculture and seafood offering groceries at affordable prices. But the cost of living mainly depends upon lifestyle and choices, so be mindful while choosing housing and other things of daily life.