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Miyagi is situated on the eastern coast of Honshu in the Tohoku region of Japan. Miyagi possesses diverse geographical features, from mountains to hot springs and oceans, which offers various recreational activities like hiking, surfing, and boating, thus attracting adventure enthusiasts from around the world and generating multiple part-time jobs in Japan.

Part-time jobs in Miyagi, Japan.

Miyagi is famous for its seafood, outdoor activities, and historical castles, which attract visitors and thrive region’s economy. Most of the part-time jobs present here are in the tourism industry. Let's explore the part-time jobs present in the major cities of Miyagi, Japan.


Sendai is known as the “city of trees” and is the capital of Miyagi. The city offers several part-time job opportunities in different sectors. Sendai has a large manufacturing industry of electronics and automotive; one can get part-time jobs in sorting, packaging, and retail shops. The city serves as a hub for tourism, as it has Aoba Castle Ruins and Sendai City Museum, offering a range of part-time jobs of bed making, cleaning, and hall staff. One can also work as a kitchen staff and waiter in Restaurants.


Shiogama is a coastal area, and most of the business the city generates is related to the sea. The city is well known for its fishing industry and seafood processing facilities. The city has a number of restaurants offering some of the best seafood; this creates part-time jobs in Japan for cooks, kitchen staff, and cleaning staff.

The city also holds festivals to showcase fishing heritage that draws visitors, thus creating part-time jobs in hotels, guesthouses, and of event staff.


Ishinomaki is situated on the northeastern coast of Honshu Island and is the second-largest city in Miyagi. The city is famous for its fishing industry and Tashirojima Island (Cat Island). The city has several tourist attractions that, include the Ishinomori Manga Museum, Kinkasan Shrine, and the scenic islands of Matsushima Bay.

If you are looking for part-time jobs in Japan for foreigners, then this place has a lot to offer in the hospitality, restaurant, and retail industry. There are several supermarkets and convenience stores that often require people for customer service and stocking shelves.


Matsushima is a small coastal town famous for its bay, having numerous small islands surrounded by pine trees. People come here to spend their vacations here and thus create lots of part-time in Japan in the hospitality and restaurant business; if you are looking for part-time jobs for English speakers, then this place is a good option to apply.

Other tourist attractions like Zuiganji and Godaido Temple or Ojima Island also attract visitors and thus creates multiple part-time jobs as kitchen or cleaning staff, bed making, or hall staff in hotels or guesthouses.

Minimum Per hour wage of part-time jobs in Miyagi Japan

The per-hour wage in Miyagi is ¥883, which sounds low compared to prefectures. But the minimum wage is set based on the cost of living. Miyagi is relatively cheap to live in as compared to other big metropolis; here, the rents are low, and the food essentials and transportation are also affordable.