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Nara has a prime importance in the history of Japan, the prefecture is situated in the Kansai region and is famous for its deer, which roam around the residential areas. The region is a hotspot for tourists coming from all parts of the world, it has historical temples and monuments which have been declared as the UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

The prefecture offers multiple part-time jobs for students in the hospitality and service industries of bedmaking, cleaning, and kitchen staff. If one is not good with conversational Japanese then working in the sorting and packaging industry or assembly line is also a good option for foreigners. The region has a range of industries from machinery and electronics to textile, offering hundreds of part-time jobs.

Part-time Jobs in Nara Japan

Nara, like part-time jobs in Tokyo, also offers multiple job opportunities in various industries. Prefecture’s economic landscape is quite diverse, but the Tourism industry dominates the most, thus generating part-time in Japan for foreigners. Let’s explore the part-time job hubs of this region:

Nara City

Nara city is the capital of the prefecture, and the blend of traditional architecture, culture, and scenic landscapes. Due to the presence of Todaiji Temple which houses the Great Buddha statue and the serene deer-filled Nara Park, there’s a huge flux of visitors from all around the world creating great economic activity and generating numerous part-time jobs in Japan.

Students and foreigners can find part-time jobs in bed making, cleaning staff, and hall staff in hotels and restaurants. To cater to a large number of tourists there’s always a need for customer service staff, cashiers, and shelf-stocker. Here are a few famous shopping sites to find part-time jobs in Japan:

Nara Station

Nara station is the heart of the city’s transportation, it connects the prefecture of Nara to Osaka, Kobe, and Kyoto. The area is always bustling with visitors, making it a commercial center of the city. The Sanjo-Dori shopping street and famous Nara Park are located here, making it perfect for part-time jobs. If you are looking for part-time jobs for English speakers, then working here would be a great option whether in the retail sector or as a tourist guide.

Kintetsu-Nara Station

It is one the busiest station in the city, as it offers a gateway to the historic district of Naramachi and the famous Higashimuki Shopping Street, making it the center of attraction for tourists. Naramachi is dotted with traditional machiya(wooden) houses, galleries, and cafes, one can get a part-time job of hall staff or kitchen staff in these cafes. Moreover, Higashimuki Street is a shopping hub having a range of shops from clothing to cosmetics, groceries, and also a food street. There is a variety of part-time job opportunities here as cashier, customer service, and shelf-stocker in shops and boutiques. The jobs here can easily pay around ¥950 - ¥1200 per hour.

JR Shin-Omiya Station

Around the station, there is a Shin-Omiya Shopping Street, which has a variety of shops and restaurants from clothing, and cosmetics to necessities. If you are looking for part-time jobs in Japan for students then do visit this place.

Along with tourism and retail, the city is home to various machinery and electronics manufacturing units that generates numerous part-time jobs in the assembly line and quality assurance. With this Nara’s textile industry is also very famous, producing high-quality silk and cotton. One can get part-time work in the packaging sector of the textile industry.


Kashihara is an amazing blend of history and urban life, as the city is famous for the birthplace of Japan’s first emperor and several historical shrines that draws history enthusiast to explore it and create numerous part-time jobs in Japan in the hospitality and service industry.

The city has a strong industrial base producing a variety of electronics and machinery equipment, generating part-time jobs in Japan for foreigners in an assembly line or sorting and packaging industry. Moreover, Kashihara has a sound agriculture industry that requires people to do fruit picking (seasonally).

Here cultural festivals are also quite common, that require event staff on part-time, if you are a student then working as a part-time staff is also a good option.

Kashiharajingumae Station

It is the busiest station in the city as it provides access to the Kashihara shrine and city center. The area is a shopping hub of visitors, it has numerous shops, souvenir stores, and restaurants offering multiple part-time jobs. Here Jingue Street is a quite famous and favorite spot for visitors for shopping after visiting the shrine. To cater to foreigners there are numerous restaurants as well which can easily pay you ¥1000 to ¥1200 per hour.

Yagi Station Shopping Street

Yagi station serves as the center of transportation, it is operated by JR West and connects to Asuka, there’s always a hustle of visitors. To cater to a large number of visitors there are lots of shops, bakeries, and clothing providing part-time work for both locals and English speakers.


Yamatokoriyama is a beautiful city; having ancient castles that depict the feudal past of Japan. People from around the world visit the city to attend traditional festivals and enjoy the vibrant culture of Nara, which creates several part-time jobs in hotels, restaurants, bed making, cleaning staff, and hall staff.

It is a suburban area so its economy mainly depends upon tourism and small-scale industries. If you are a foreigner and have a conversational level of Japanese, then working in cafes, restaurants or other entertainment venues can be a good option.

Yamatokoriyama Station

This station is operated on Kintetsu Osaka and Nara Lines and is the center of transportation for nearby towns. The area around this station is a prime site to find part-time jobs, all the major cultural and shopping centers are present here. The famous Eki-mae Shopping Street and Aeon Mall are present here, most visitors and foreigners shop from here, creating lots of jobs in convenience stores, boutiques, and cafes. There are plenty of hall staff, waiter staff, and cleaning jobs available in this area.

Moreover, the cultural street Bunka-dori is also very famous, people come here to enjoy the traditional culture of Japan, souvenir and local craft shops owners always need people to work with them.


Ikoma is situated between Nara and Osaka, although it is a suburb it provides an easy to major metropolitans of Nara and Osaka, making it an ideal place for cheap residence. The city is famous for its amusement parks and recreational activities, whoever comes to Nara or Osaka does this area for leisure purposes.

The city’s economy is driven by the service and retail industry creating multiple jobs of the cashier, customer assistant, shelf stocker, kitchen staff, hall staff, and bedmaking. Ikoma also has some electronics and machinery manufacturing units generating part-time jobs in the assembly line, sorting, and packaging sector.

Ikoma Station

It is the center of the city’s transportation, offering access to nearby cities and the Skytown shopping complex, having a variety of shops and entertainment options, and providing multiple part-time jobs in Japan for students.

Ikoma-Sakurai Road

It is a famous commercial corridor that connects Ikoma to Sakurai. The road has numerous restaurants, shops, and business centers that provide plenty of job opportunities in both the retail and service industries. One can work as a waiter, cleaning, or kitchen staff in restaurants. And if you have conversational Japanese then working in the retail sector is a good option.

Hirahata Station

The area around Hirahata station provides part-time opportunities in the tourism sector, such as the famous Ikoma Riverside Park on the bank of Yodo River, tourist come here to enjoy nature and recreational activities. If you are looking for part-time jobs for English speakers and also have an N3 level of Japanese, then working here can pay you well.


Tenri is a picturesque modern city in Nara prefecture. The region is famous for Tenri University and a specific Japanese religion “Tenrikyo”. Although the city does not offer many part-time jobs in the season of religious events, there’s a great demand for event staff. Other than that, cafes and hotels also require part-time workers for bed-making or cleaning staff, especially on the days of events. Here are some major stations and commercial hubs of Tenri, where one can find a part-time job:

Tenri Station

It is the central station of the city, and the famous Tenri Shotengai shopping arcade Gakuenmae Shopping Street is located here, the shopping center has various shops, bakeries, and cafes that provide part-time work. Also, the Tenri Ekimae Hiroba that holds different events is present here. If you can easily travel to Tenri station then you won’t have any problem finding a part-time job.

Minimum Per-hour wage of a part-time job in Nara

The per-hour wage of Nara is ¥896 which is low compared to major cities but here the cost of living is a bit more affordable compared to these cities. If you want to live in Nara and want to support yourself through a part-time job, then try to find accommodation in major cities where tourist attractions and restaurants are present.