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Osaka is the third largest city in Japan and economic hub for centuries, its history dates back over 1,500 years. Osaka is the home of the world’s largest electronics and automobile companies like Panasonic, sharp, and Daihatsu, with this it has one of the most beautiful historical sites which attracts tourists from all over the world.

This makes Osaka’s economy dynamic and creates thousands of part-time job opportunities for students and foreigners. Moreover, the per-hour wage is also good, which helps foreign students to make a reasonable amount of money to support living in Japan.

Variety of Part-time jobs available in Osaka

Osaka’s culture is full of life and vibrant colors. The city hosts the headquarters of multinational electronic companies, historical sites like Osaka Castle along with several great cultural festivals throughout the year, like Tenjin Matsuri and cherry blossom festivals. It attracts people from around the globe in pursuit of study, jobs, and traveling which generates quite a lot of part-time jobs in multiple fields, from retail stores to hotels, restaurants, and tourism.

Here are some of the famous neighborhoods of Osaka where you can find common part-time jobs in Japan:


Osaka is also known as the “kitchen of Japan”, and Dōtonbori is a place where you can experience it. Here you’ll get to explore dazzling street food stalls, restaurants, and shops. You can easily find part-time jobs in the food industry as hall staff or waiter, or kitchen staff. If you are looking for part-time jobs for foreigners in Japan and possess N3(conversational level) of Japanese, then you can get a good per-hour wager in a range of ¥1300 - ¥1800 per hour.


It is an economic and transportation hub of Osaka, here majorly part-time jobs are available in the retail sector, you can get a job as a salesperson in some electronics or departmental store. If you are a foreigner and looking for part-time jobs in Japan for students, then you must apply here. Part-time job rules in Japan are quite strict for students, but here you won’t face any sanction in this regard, and improves your Japanese.


Shinsaibashi is famous for its shopping center chain, and fashion brands, and stores are always looking for people who can help them with customer service. One can easily get a part-time job there.


Namba is famous for its entertainment venues, it possesses different parks, concert halls, movie theaters, and shopping centers. If you are good at both English and Japanese, you can make pretty decent money working there as a salesperson, customer care, or even hall staff in kitchens.

Universal Citywalk Osaka

It is famous for Universal Studios Japan, where individuals come throughout the year, and especially in tourist season, it becomes the busiest area of Osaka. Here multiple cafes, restaurants, and shopping centers are present that eagerly hire foreigners and students for part-time jobs and pay well. And if you possess a conversational level of both Japanese and English, then you can make a hell lot of money working as a part-time tourist guide.

Why Choose Osaka for part-time jobs in Japan

Osaka possesses all colors of Japan in one place. If you are truly interested in experiencing Japanese culture, its food, traditions, and technological advancement along with earning a decent amount of money, then you have to go no further than Osaka.

Moreover, Osaka’s living is quite affordable, and you can easily access different parts of Japan living here. With this, it has an excellent transportation network of trains and subways that gives you access to the city and neighboring areas.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much do part-time jobs pay in Japan?

Part-time jobs pay depends on the industry you are working in, your level of expertise in Japanese, and working hours. The minimum wage in Japan is 1000 Yen per hour which may differ slightly depending on the location or region you live Osaka has ¥1,023 per hour and in Tokyo it is ¥1,073.

Can I do a part-time job in Japan?

In Japan, finding part-time work is not difficult; over 75% of foreigners and students do so without any trouble, especially in major cities like Yokohama, Osaka, and Tokyo.

What Kinds of Part-Time Jobs Can Students Get in Japan?

Part-time employment opportunities include:

  • Teaching English.
  • Working in a restaurant.
  • Delivering fast food.
  • Sorting and packing.
  • Working in a hotel.
  • Jobs for event staff on the side.
  • Part-Time Jobs at Convenience Stores.

What is the minimum wage in Osaka?

The minimum wage in Osaka is ¥1,023 per hour. But if know the N3 level of Japanese, then you can easily make ¥1300 - ¥1500 per hour, working as hall staff or kitchen.

As Osaka is also known as the kitchen of Japanese food, so if you are a cook then you may cross ¥2000 per hour mark.